Orchestral/very large ensemble

Orchestral/very large ensemble

something like a sense of detachment (2002) 9′ – orchestra

Four curious incidents (2005) 5′ – (youth) orchestra

Tighten up (2006) 10′ – solo soprano with orchestra; text – Matthew Welton

a smudge of orange light (2006) 3′ – orchestra

Things that are blue, things that are white and things that are black (2010) 30’ –  solo piano/electric piano/prepared piano (one player) with clarinet/bass clarinet, cor anglais, horn, viola, cello, 16 – 24 violins, electronics

Nocturnal & Diversions (2013) 30′ (15′ new music, 15′ sections from Benjamin Britten’s Nocturnal for classical guitar) – guitar and string orchestra

The Rules (2013) 20′ – for large orchestra

The clouds flew round with the clouds (2012/2016) – version for chamber orchestra

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