Decontamination #8 – exterior/interior

Next Tuesday Decontamination continues with:

Tuesday 22 November, 8pm, Carol Nash Recital Room, RNCM

Artificial Environment No.8 – Joanna Bailie
1. …and the dreams that you dare to dream…
2. Babel
3. Street

Receiving the Approaching Memory – Bryn Harrison

Aisha Orazbayeva (violin)
Mark Knoop (piano)

Joanna Bailie‘s Artificial Landscape No 8 is one in a sequence of fantasy landscapes that places instruments within field recordings both modified and literal. In this beautiful piece for piano and soundtrack, the instrument becomes a mediator between the real and the imagined. Bryn Harrison‘s recent long work for violin and piano explores the idea of non-goal orientated structures by (as he writes) dealing directly with the opposition of static and mobile structures. He explores the juxtaposition of near and exact repetition in close proximity dealing with issues of duration, memory and disorientation.

This is music by composers whose work I love by two of the most daring and committed interpreters of new music in the world. Worth, I think, a detour.

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