The House of Bedlam in Aldeburgh

23355772009_330e9086f7_zThe House of Bedlam has been to Aldeburgh twice this year. Back in February we went (with some extras including composer Michael Perrett and trumpeter Gary Farr) to teach two Aldeburgh Young Musicians courses. One of these was focused on the music of Steve Reich and the other, slightly more unusually, looked at enhancing performing, composing and improvising by studying ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ music (starting with music by Lucier and Ferneyhough). It was excellent to be back in Snape. We needed to go back for a residency…

So we did. In mid-May we were back. This time with composers Laurie Tompkins and Joe Snape and poet Sam Quill. It was a typical Aldeburgh residency. There was Joe, dressed as a donkey, disappearing into the sea, copious pizza, a stolen car (yep, in Aldeburgh), too much fish and chips, the gentle rhythm from between the White Hart and The Cross Keys and, of course, some melancholic staring out to sea.

BedlamF&C (1)

We also managed some work. We concentrated on rehearsing and performing three new works. Laurie and Sam had made a new work Renku: Tithonus, Drunk. These mesmerising new pieces, complete with live visuals projecting the texts, involve synthetic sound, instrumental anarchy, beer can, off-license plastic bags and moments of incredibly seductive fragility. Joe’s Disappointment and Small Relief: Hospital Scenes combines new music to his own projected text. It is a moving, surreal and hauntingly beautiful narrative with characteristic playful moments.

My own piece is a work in progress. This is a ‘setting’, for instruments and projected text, of Matthew Welton’s extraordinary long poem The book of Matthew (Carcanet, 2003). Characteristically playful and moving, this is a beautiful poem with 32 variations based on the organisation of Roget’s Thesaurus. In my version poems are projected individually then in combination, closely associated with the movement of the instrumental music. Here are some extracts of the work so far; there’s more to come and some alterations/edits however I think this gives a good sense of how its shaping up.

I’ll be posting extracts from Laurie’s and Joe’s pieces soon with some live video footage from our Aldeburgh concert. We’ll also be performing these pieces in London later in the year, Liverpool next year and in Manchester soon. I’ll be posting more information soon.

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