A glimpse of the sea in a fold of the hills


New music ensemble Psappha have just released a film of my piece A glimpse of the sea in a fold of the hills from a concert from November last year at the University of Manchester. The concert was part of the New Music Northwest Festival. You can watch the film at Psappha’s website here or on Vimeo here.

This 12-ish minute long piece was originally written for French ensemble L’Instant Donné and I think of it as being one of the more gently peculiar pieces I have made. I wrote it while preoccupied with repeating melodies and with considering composition from a performer-interaction point of view (so the piece ranges from angular(ish) unison melodies to very pointillist material (sometimes free sometimes very controlled) with different smaller groups breaking away from the pack and conductor to play their own material often confused by pre-recorded instrumental sounds.

I’m grateful to Psappha for a beautiful and committed performance and fantastically well made film. Psappha have been filming all of their concerts for some time now and there is an amazing archive of performances on their website. Well worth a peruse.


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