Virtual airport / SHUCK!

SHUCK_VirtualAirport_previewAhead of the Slip Discs release of my and Matthew Welton’s 2009 song cycle Virtual airport with Laurie Tompkins and Sam Quill’s extraordinary SHUCK! I thought I’d release a sneak preview of the artwork here as well as a link to one of the songs from the cycle.

Recently Matt has been in the difficult situation of having been plagiarised by another poet and Virtual airport is one of relevant poems. He has written an amazing short article on the case here. This kind of appropriation of Matt’s work seems in brutal contrast to the life of this poem and piece. The poem was originally made in collaboration with visual artist Clare Bleakley and it is interesting to trace this starting point, via Matt’s and my long collaborative relationship, through the input of an extraordinary group of performers up to now. The imminent release in combination with Laurie and Sam’s starkly different but complimentary new work.

The performers are Seaming To and Sofia Jernberg (voices), Sarah Nicolls (piano), Oliver Coates (cello), I’m performing electronics and it was recorded live by David Sheppard at the Howard Assembly Rooms in Leeds back in 2009. Thanks to them all.


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