the house of bedlam album launch & the RNCM’s New Music Northwest Festival


Next month nonclassical are releasing a long overdue first record from my ensemble the house of bedlam. You can see a sneak preview of some of the artwork above and some more information from nonclassical here.

This is great news. nonclassical have been really kind in putting this together with me and I’ve been lax prioritising this as other projects, pieces and music for the house of bedlam has taken centre stage.

In some ways this record feels like a bit of an archive. All of the pieces are from the early stages of the ensemble and we have done several other projects and sets since. It has been such a pleasure to revisit these pieces over the last few months and remind myself why I formed this ensemble and acknowledge the extent that it has affected my concert music over the last few years.

There are four great remixes on the record as well. Three of these are new (Dale Jonthan Perkins, Devil Dandy and label-head Gabriel Prokofiev) and one is from mira calix which she made when we were working together a few years ago. For me these really breathe new life into this collection.

It’s easy to be preoccupied with new music, commissions, pieces and projects. I’m also aware that having taken responsibility for promoting the live element of all this music we’ve not played nearly enough together and not at all for a long time. I’m going to remedy that this year.


We already have two concert booked in this month as part of the RNCM’s New Music Northwest Festival. This has proven a little bit of a quandary. the house of bedlam was formed to play music of my own and occasionally music by other people. The festival exists to promote and represent a variety of composers across the northwest. I’m really pleased with the two programmes we’re playing which I think showcases a broad cross section of my favourite northwest composers and stay true to the spirit of the group. In the early evening there is a sequence of solo pieces by Fabrice Fitch, Matthew Sergeant and Bethan Morgan-William. These are three composers who are variously colleagues, friends and collaborators. We will also be playing Alvin Lucier’s Music for cello with one or more amplified vases, a new work from me that will involve the whole ensemble and Matthew Welton will be reading Elizabeth Bishop’s wonderful poem Vistis to St Elizabeths (which is responsible for the name of the ensemble).

The evening concert is a more traditional bedlam concert and will include pieces from the album, new music of mine and, most excitingly, new pieces from David Horne, Aaron Parker, Tom Rose and Ian Vine. These composers will all be joining us to perform the pieces as well. There are information about the two concerts here and here.

Finally I have one more piece in the New Music Northwest festival this year. I’m very happy that Psappha are performing the UK premiere of a piece I wrote for Paris based ensemble L’Instand Donné. This piece is for seven instruments and some electronic sounds and, as perhaps the title suggests (A glipse of the sea in a fold of the hills) is a strange collection of pastoral melodies and fragments held together by recordings of acoustic instruments and more pointillist compositional textures. It’s great to be alongside pieces by Richard Norris, Philip Grange and Mark Simpson but I’m particularly excited to hear a substantial new piece from Trio Atem‘s Nina Whiteman. More information here.

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