Two from Dr Suss

I’ve recently finished a new piece for Manchester based Trio Atem. The premiere is at lunchtime on 14 February at the University of Manchester (information here or here). I can’t wait.

This new piece is scored for bass flute, low female voice and prepared cello (no blu-tack in the end though) and is a continuation of my setting of sections of Matthew Welton’s extraordinary long poem Dr Suss. I set a section of this poem last year (for EXAUDI) and this piece took the patterns and repetition from the Welton original as well as the related material from Simon Patterson’s The Great Bear and employed a complimentary musical pattern with the compression of a Monteverdi madrigal.

For Trio Atem the musical patterns do not use borrowed material but the disintegration of the text into a musical line/melody and then (in the second song) the reforming of the text as a new melody exchanges from instruments to voice.

Here are a couple of very short extracts from the two songs.



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